Interpreting rates

The prices shown on the website are per apartment per day.

Data privacy

Your personal information will receive the treatment they are entitled under the law of data protection, and in no case be transferred to third parties for any sales promotion or otherwise.

Cancellation Policy

At all times you will be able to cancel your reservation, even if it occurs within three days of arrival, will be charged 25% of the total amount in respect of cancellation fees. To make the cancellation, please contact indicating your reservation number.

Special requests

Requests on floors high, low, .... and other applications are taken into consideration, but in no case warrant the granting of them.


The entrance to the apartments occur from 17:00. The output of the apartments is 11:00 AM.

Maximum number of occupants

The occupancy of a number of people than set out in the reserve will result in immediate expulsion without right to reimbursement, the amount of the reservation.


Arrival time. Clients will collect their keys at the place agreed at the  time of booking.  In case of late arrivals, an envelope will be given to them with the keys and the required information.

Company staff. Our team will be available throughout your stay to solve any problem that may arise during your stay.

Parking controls. For customers who arrive with their own vehicle, a single parking fob will be delivered per apartment with a € 20 deposit that will be refunded upon return.

Pet policy. Due to numerous allergies to animal hair and in order to preserve the furniture of the apartment, it is mandatory to inform of the arrival with  dogs, cats or other pets at the time of booking the apartment.    If you failed to mention your pet in the booking information you are obliged to mention it before entering the apartment.   In this case there will be a charge according to price stated. Our staff will assign an apartment prepared with the required protection and pet bed if required. The owner will be responsible for any possible damages  caused by pets like scratches on furniture, soiled linen, etc.

Deposits. The company reserves the right to require a deposit of 250 € per apartment or 50 € per person and pet upon arrival of the client, in order to guarantee the proper use of the apartment and respect to neighbours. Clients can inform of any incident or defect that might exist in the apartment prior to its occupancy to our personnel upon arrival or the following morning.